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Who is  

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Sabrina B. Scales is A contemporary-romance author penning real, heartfelt, humorous, and sexy love stories, with a knack for creating salt-of-the-earth characters, finding love in the most unlikely circumstances.

Hailing from The Bricks of Hitchcock, a small town in Southeast Texas that you'd miss if you blinked, Sabrina is best known by friends and family as a comedian who missed her calling. Her favorite pass times include baking bomb ass teacakes, yelling the wrong calls at her two sons' sporting events, and enthusiastically cooking for her husband of nearly 20yrs, to which he has only complained once...regretfully!

To date, Sabrina has penned 30+ titles, three of which achieved best-seller rankings thanks to an abundance of love from her readers and die-hard supporters. Writing is Sabrina's #1 passion, and has been since the day she learned the magic of wordsmithing somewhere in a reading nook in kindergarten. (Shout-out to Mrs. Clevenger. Educators are the world!) the toughest stories are her favorite to write. And let there be no mistake, she takes pride in making people cry (as it pertains to storytelling, of course), gets tingly nipples when she makes someone laugh, and celebrates with a song in the shower when readers start  rooting for the hoe who found herself and rode off into the sunset with the man of her dreams.

If any of this tickles your fancy, now's the perfect time to take these journeys (by reading these books) on unconventional paths to love.

(Love is highlighted in a different font for emphasis, because it, in and of itself, is the basis of all that we need.)

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