One Time-A Tribute to Fathers.

June 18, 2017

One time for all the
Diaper changin
Furniture rearrangin
Crooked picture hangin
Wrong words to the song sangin

“HE ALRIGHT!!!” yellin
Musty from a hard day’s work smellin
Fundraiser ticket sellin
If it don’t benefit his family, it can go straight to hellin


If you can call him
Then why are you stallin?
Some only have a picture
And they’re staring at it bawling

Appreciate the presence
Of the one who went half
If he’s your old man
Your pops
Or, even your stepad

If he taught you how to fish
How to fight, walk, or swim
How to pick up a book
And read it just like him

Would your shoes be tied right now
If he wasn’t around
Did he congratulate your ups
And listen during the downs

Did he ever comb your hair
When Mama was away
Did he he teach you how to speak
How to sit
How to pray

Was there ever a day in your life
When you didn’t think you’d make it through
Did you ever feel ugly
And he told you it wasn’t true

When the thunder did come
And scared you to your feet
Did he show up outta nowhere
And comfort you back to sleep

Do you remember his words
When you didn’t wanna listen
Aren’t you glad you did as told
When he said to pay attention

Did he treat you like someone
That was worthy of protection
Was he there to wipe those tears
During times of rejection

Is he here? Is he gone?
Do you love him either way?
Can you find the words to thank him
Do you have the words to say

One time for the good guys
And the bad guys too
One time for the guys who simply
Had no idea what to do

One time for active fathers
For doing what was right
For waking your babies in the morning
And kissing their foreheads at night

To the fathers who wish they could do these things
But live too far away
Who go above and beyond
To make it work in every way

To the daddies in the kitchen
Cookin up them fire meals
To the daddies who use cuss words
And always keep it real

For the father wearing flip flops
Knowin the kids hate his toes
For the daddy who refuses
To clip those hairs out of his nose

For the grandpas being fathers
Because their sons are no longer here
For the daddies who answer their phones
When their child needs a listening ear

To the uncles who stepped up
When daddies weren’t there
The love is appreciated
And it was all yours to share

To male mentors in communities
Molding boys into men
Keep on doing what you’re doing
You’re helping this world win

Dad, or Daddy,
Or Pops, or Old Man
We call you all these things
For doing the very best that you can

We appreciate your efforts, your gifts, and
your scars
You are Kings, regal, and necessary
A father is who you are


Thank you. Happy Father's Day!



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